MSN Group Downloader

MSN Group Downloader is meant to download photos from the MSN Groups. Just specify the Group Name. Thats it !. You almost have all the MSN Group photos in your hard disk!

This program is released as a shareware. Before buying the full version, you are welcome to test the demo of the Full version.

You can buy the program after testing its usefulness. With the shareware demo version you can download 10 photos from 5 Groups at a time. For information or assistance, please mail us at :


  • Download all pictures from all MSN Groups (new).
  • Multi threaded Downloading.(new)
  • Automatic Retrieval of Group Names from 'My Group'.(new)
  • Custom Concurrent downloading options (new).
  • Automatically Import 'My Group'. (new)
  • Options to download specfic file types.
  • Custom Logging of previously downloaded Group details.
  • Automatic Update notifier.

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