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As a registered user, you are eligible for the Upgrade for the new versions.

Upgrades fees are only meant for the Major revision of the programs.

Please understand we have spent more than 12 months in rewriting these applications. Hope you can understand the cost involved in rewriting the entire application is not small. and Thank you for supporting us.

New guru's Yahoo group downloader 2.0 has the capability of downloading

1) Photosection photos,
2) File Section Files,
3) Message Section Text (new) and
4) Batch downloading of multiple groups

in one program. You dont have to depend on muliple programs.

Since we spent more than a year to work on this program and added so many new features, we cannot afford to continue with the buisness without a upgrade cost support.

Yahoo Group Downloader 2.8 Upgrade fee is $10 only

Not Available - Software is broken and we dont support the software