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Yahoo Groups to Forum Conversion Service

As of Aug 13, 2008, GroupFetch will help Group Administrators to convert their Yahoo groups messages to custom Web Forum.
Send a mail to support@groupfetch.com for more information

guru's Yahoo Group downloader

guru's Yahoo Group downloader is the ultimate software for automatically downloading the Photo Section Files, File Section Files and Embedded Attachments from the Messages and Attachments from Yahoo Groups.With a click of the mouse, you can download all of the attachments and Files section files immediately.

guru's Mailbox Fetch

guru's Mailbox Fetch is designed to extract attachments from popular Email Programs such as Outlook Express, Outlook and Vista's Windows Mail. Instead of copying every attachment to the harddisk, you can use this program to extract all of the attachments automatically.

guru's eBill Manager

guru's eBill Manager is a document manager which allows you to organize your bills (scanned and other documents [word, pdf etc]). The next time you want to file your taxes or refer a bill for clarification, you can find it easily with the eBill Manager.